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This is an experimental installation using Google's Co-op search.
The top search box will conduct a search in all websites registered by MathGuide (if permitted), the second search box will run a general Google search, but will put a special emphasis on sites related to the sites within MathGuide. The results here are not really predictable and depend on your personal Google search history (or rather of the acount on the computer you're using).
Below is MathGuide's regular basic search for comparison.

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We are experimenting with the incorporation of the MathNet Links into the MathGuide. They will be enhanced gradually within our co-operation with the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI) in the Netherlands. Since they don't have the full information of a MathGuide record yet, they need a custom display form, which is not yet ready. But you can search in this collection:
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There is also an advanced search available.
Check here for the display of some debug information:
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