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Country Code
In our database we use the ISO 3166 code to map the country of the described thematic server. Two-letter alphabetic codes are used. See also the code listof the Council of European National Top level domain Registries(CENTR).
Language Code
In our database we use the ISO 639-1 code (from Unicode, Inc.) to map the language(s) of the WWW documents . Two-letter lower-case characters are used.
Mime Types
In our database we use the mime types administered by the IANA to describe the type of data obtainable at a particular source. For the user this gives a hint, whiich applications will be needed to use this material.
Keyword List (coming soon)
This is a list of all keywords used in the MathGuide. The keywords are searchable through MathGuide search options.
Source Type Catalog
The Source Type Catalog arranges records by type of the resources. A list of all document types used in MathGuide is available. Those types that are not self-explanatory have a short description.
Subject Catalog (created by Chris Eilbeck)
The Subject Catalog arranges records according to the 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification used by Math Review and Zentralblatt der Mathematik.
MathGuide Metadata Concept
The concept of metadata used in the SSG-FI project is based on Dublin Core and complemented by a few addiditional elements, e.g. statistical data (STATISTICS) and an evaluation of the resource (EVALUATION) have been added. The internal categories are used for database administration only and are not displayed in the SSG-FI system.
The template used to catalog and describe resources is identical in the different academic disciplines involved, with one exception: the primary subject classification scheme. In the MathGuide the internationally accepted MSC is used. Due to the lack of a similarly accepted universal classification scheme in the other subjects, a local classification system (GOK) is used as a primary scheme, and internationally or nationally known schemes (DDC and BK) are used as a secondary classification.
This is a help file explaining the use of the Subject Catalog, Source Type Catalog, and Search Engine. A general structural overview and tips & tricks are also provided.

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