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Journals are organized by title. Click on the letters to obtain a list of the journals available starting with the given letter, or enter the starting letters in the field below.
Note that leading articles are removed for this search, and that translated titels and some other additional information are included, so the list corresponding to some letter usually will neither start nor end with the given letter.
Within the group of each letter or your title search, you can choose wether journals are sorted alphabetically or by publication date. Sorting alphabetically takes longer and will return at most 1000 hits (with 20 hits per page).
You can choose to look only for journals that are online available.
Note: Instead, you can browse the journals provided by the DFG under a German National License.
To check the availability of online journals, you may use your own access parameters or you can check the availability at the SUB Göttingen.
The information presented is gathered from the "GVK - Common Union Catalogue" and
"The Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB" (Electronic Journals Library) provided by the Regensburg University Library.

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